Pokémon Center gets from my last Pokémon Center visit of my Japan trip. Finally picked up all the big stuff I’ve had my eye on, items I had been uncertain about previously, and a few gifts for friends. Now I’ve got to find a box big enough to fit all this stuff so I can ship it back.

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Finally accomplished a life goal of going to the Pokemon Center in Japan and buying so many kawaii things! I was screaming the entire time!! This Center is in Sendai, Japan about 2 hours away from Tokyo.

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What my girlfriend got me for Valentines this year (: she’s the best ❤️

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Some gets from a few months ago

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Latest gets from Noppin

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Some new information has come out regarding the Pokemon Center Tokyo’s up-coming move!

The Tokyo Center will close on December 7th and re-open on the 12th in the new location in Ikebukuro. Starting from October 15th until December 7th, special Moving Pikachu clearfiles (third picture) will be given out to customers who make purchases of 3000 yen or more at the Tokyo Center.

Along with the move to the new location, the Tokyo Pokemon Center will also get a nickname change… from the Tokyo Pokemon Center to the Mega-Tokyo Pokemon Center. Along with the name change, there will also be a logo/mascot Pokemon change.

The Pikachu wearing the Mega-Charizard Y hoodie will be featured in the grand re-opening promotion. More information on the promo will available about mid-November.

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This Pikachu Pair is enjoying a nice fall day!

(Little Tales Pair Plush, 2014)


Shiny Metagross - Delta Species 2005

illus. by Masakazu Fukuda


Tokyo Bay Pokémon Center, part 1. Look at the gashapon machines!

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