Check out the longboard my brother designed made out of an old pokemon manga


I finished a shiny simplified Dunsparce today, But I think once I finish this batch of commissions I will be taking a break for awhile, I really have not felt like sewing lately and have been feeling a little under appreciated I suppose? Anyway if I do sew anything it will most likely just be for myself. But I still have several simplified plush to make before then so expect to see more of these guys for a little while at least. 

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Squishy buddies!

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Woke up bright and early to go to the Osaka PokeCen for the rerelease of the Elfuun no Migawari aka Substitute plushies~ It actually wasn’t too terribly crowded?  Maybe I’m just used to how crowded it is haha.  But man everyone was snatching up the Subby plushes, I saw at least one guy with like 5 in his basket.  And the staff just kept bringing more boxes over and pouring more into the display.   Got one for me, one for Nats, one for Dan, and one to auction off at a later date~ mueheheheh 

Also there was a see of orange with all the Rotoms oh my god.  I was tempted to get one of the figures, but it turned out they were blind packaged?  I was also surprised the Osaka PokeCen had the Golden Magikarp promo merch as well~

All and all a fun run to the PokeCen.  Happy to have my own little subby plush~


2012 Pokemon Center Halloween Promo Ghost Pikachu


Only 15 more watchers to my first 1000! I’m so happy! Also, have this Messenger Dragonite I made YEARS ago! I never actually posted this myself!

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A cute little electric lion :)

(Shinx Pokedoll, Japan, 2007)

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[aggressive key jingling intensifies]


Commissioned 12” Arcanine plush.  Made from faux fur and minky, with machine embroidered and appliqued detailing.  This was surprisingly fun to make, despite how much I normally hate working with faux fur :P


Special delivery today