Hey there gang, I just finished up a new set of posters for Pokemon Gold and Silver. Hope you guys like em, you can find ‘em here on my website


Happy Easter! by aphid777

I know Easter is over, but these are so cute! I’m loving the way she made the eyes. Looks like maybe she needle felted them on?


Swirlix has arrived!!

And he came with a postcard and a bag from Pokemon Center Japan!!!

Next pokedoll on my list is Dedenne!

Pokemon Monster Collection: Mega Absol Figurine

¥ 472 (Coming May 17, 2014) 


Six new figures in the Pikachu Ippai (A Lot of Pikachus) Collection, shown off at the Wonder Festival. That sleepy Pikachu is the best, except for the yelling Pikachu and all the other ones.

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I want these…… No I need these